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"Thanks again for your support, and we hope everyone has a great summer."

Stay safe, stay strong and stay positive!

May 21, 2020


Dear BMS Families,


Because of your support, BMS has been able to complete our “Distance Learning Program” with success. Tomorrow is the last day of school and we know this has been a challenging year for students and parents. I want to again thank our students, teachers, parents, staff, and community for your support during this corona crisis.  


Now, the time for planning for the 2020-2021 school year begins.  Our main focus is to have a very productive school year.  We are taking what we’ve learned and incorporating our new technology resources into our plans.  We are keeping up-to-date with any new information provided by the Governor regarding any recommendations.  Our goal is to keep our families informed.


The end of this year brings this unbelievable journey to an end, but I hope all parents know that our hearts go out to our students.  We appreciate all of the hard work that our students and teachers displayed during this new distance learning program. This dedication and our tradition of excellence made this program a success. Thanks again for your support, and we hope everyone has a great summer. Stay safe, stay strong and stay positive!


Kindest regards,


Ellen Coleman



Google Classroom hits 50m downloads amidst coronavirus - 9to5Google

Wi-Fi is available in the school parking lot.  Swing by with your school’s Chromebook to access your schoolwork.  You can then go home to complete by following the instructions.

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Commissioned School Security Officer Program (CSSO)

Although Bismarck School District has already implemented numerous additional safety features/procedures the past few years, they are happy to have full-time SRO Deputy Justin Baker. Surveys show that SRO’s increase feelings of safety among students, teachers, and administrators. They can also deter aggressive behavior, and empower staff to maintain order and address behavioral issues in a timely manner, diminish classroom time spent on discipline and behavioral disruptions, improve school safety, and improve relationships between law enforcement and youth.

Bismarck Schools will also have commissioned school security officers in addition to its one school resource officer beginning in 2020. No teachers will be armed, only a handful of non-instructional staff volunteered to train to become CSSO's. The decision to adopt the CSSO program was approved at a school board meeting back in May 2019.

The volunteers underwent 60 hours of intensive training with law enforcement. The school district says it wants CSSO's on and around campuses should there ever be a school threat or serious situation which warrants additional security in a timely manner. The CSSO’s will work in close correlation with HSC law enforcement and will undergo an additional 12+ hours of training each year in order to maintain their certification.

For safety reasons, how many CSSO's there will be, or who they are, will not be publicly shared. We believe having CSSO's at the schools serves as a preemptive measure to keep students safe. District officials feel that it is best practice that only non-instructional staff perform in this role to avoid that direct interaction with students.

Bismarck School District has also played an active role in the development of the Hot Spring County Conversations, Our Vision for the Future, county-wide plan, where representatives from throughout the county and district prioritized areas of importance. Public Safety and Law Enforcement was a priority area for the Bismarck community so BSD has taken a proactive approach for the school setting. We want to do our part to support our community and work toward an even greater Bismarck.

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