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Lana Hughes, Principal

My name is Lana Hughes, students know me as Ms. H., and I am the Principal at Bismarck Elementary. I have served in the Bismarck School District as a teacher, curriculum coordinator, and principal and in other districts as an instructional coach.  I am a graduate of Bismarck High School, and this community and school district are near and dear to my heart. My dream has always been to serve the kids and families here in my hometown.

Our school is a family of educators who strive to engage and inspire each child. We honor kids’ individual strengths and personalities, encouraging them to use their unique qualities to contribute to our school culture. Our top priority is to prepare students for being knowledge seekers, lifelong learners, and to keep their childlike curiosity into adulthood. We honor the voice of children, for they can teach us so much about what they need in order to be successful. 

I encourage you to become involved in your child’s education and our school throughout this school year. Please consider joining our Parent Involvement initiative and learn how you can contribute. We will involve families, teachers, community members, and businesses in our efforts to empower our kids. 

Professionally I hold a license in Building Level Administration and a license in Curriculum Administration as well as licenses to teach all core subjects in Elementary and Middle School. I believe that these certifications assist me in being the best leader and teacher I can be but my love for the kids is my most driving force. 

This school year holds many possibilities for each child. I enjoy watching the learning and growth that takes place here at Bismarck Elementary of each of our kids.  I dearly love my job!  


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Lana Hughes

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