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Dear Families,

It’s here, 2021 has arrived and I am excited for what is in store. I want to share a few thoughts and observations about the Bismarck Elementary staff. These thoughts are proven, I see them with my own eyes every day. This superior staff is too important to only be visible to me. They are passionate, caring, grateful, innovative, excited, motivated, creative and so much more. I am very blessed to have the honor to work with these special people. We are starting a new year and we want our parents to join in with us to celebrate our successes in the months to come.  We are here for you, we are excited about our tasks, and we are ready for a great semester. 

The teachers and the staff! I am amazed at the dedication, the character, the love that each one shows each day. Each one is different in their own way but that difference is what makes each of them shine individually. I know they each can be trusted with our children and will make the best decisions for them throughout the day. They are all individually beautiful and special and give every ounce they can each day.

Our support staff, Ms. Burch, Ms. Boothe, Ms. Stacy, Ms. Babb, Ms. Mengis, and Ms. Mathis are a staple we cannot imagine ourselves without. These ladies are everywhere and know every child by their name. Their faces are kind and supportive and students often seek them out for advice, help, or just someone that cares to talk with. I see them kneeled, talking to students and I see the students walk away with smiles. How honored I am to be able to see this on a frequent basis!

The Special Education staff, Ms. Cusher, Ms. Hall, and Ms. Brown. They are top-notch individuals that can shift the atmosphere to caring and positive in an instant. In a blink of an eye their students are learning and eager for more. Their patience and understanding create a successful learning environment that empowers each student to be successful and open to learning. Their students have no problem thriving!

The Encore staff, Ms. Wright, Ms. Thornton, Coach Smith, Ms. Rose, and Ms. Boothe show integrity every day. Not only do they keep up with their library, media, art, music, physical education, technology, working lessons with other teachers, I also notice on a frequent basis they continually are helping everyone in the building, teachers and students alike. I can’t say enough about these ladies but selfless is a word that comes to mind. They are amazing individuals that help our building come together. 

Second grade’s Ms. Amanda, Ms. Clement, and Ms. Norris prove to be a great team. Their cohesiveness with each other is a big part of their success with students. A focus on building the relationship with their students shines through and makes them a magnetic team. Through these relationships, they build student learning. This is not a task that just anyone can be successful in, these are special ladies with special skills.

Kindergarten’s Ms. Almond, Ms. Efird, Ms. Hughes, and Ms. Mills. Two words: flexibility and patience! The year they provide for our young Kinders is a foundation for what is to come and these teachers are successful with this task every year! They teach so much such as self-esteem, social skills, problem-solving, and then also have the task of academics. All four of these ladies are successful in their challenges.

Third grade’s Ms. Allsup, Ms. Cooper, and Ms. Lee. Oh, the knowledge and determination of these ladies! Their ability to engage their students’ minds in so many different ways amazes me. This dynamic team is determined that their students will be successful and their determination comes through compassion and encouragement. If a student doesn’t learn well in one way you can bet these teachers will be figuring out another way. 

First grade’s Ms. Corley, Ms. Falco, Ms. Ledbetter, and Ms. Nelson. This mighty team shows that working together with focus brings student accomplishments. These ladies are enthusiastic about student learning and collaborate together to produce the best instructional day possible. They are role models for our children and show them every day what it means to be good citizens and have good character.

Pre-K staff, Ms. Ventress and Ms. Amy, never cease to amaze. I have the privilege of watching these young children interact with these teachers every day and every day I am amazed! Ms. Ventress has her day planned and organized to the letter. The care she puts into her lessons, academic as well as social, is outstanding. Both these ladies are kind and supportive and it shows through hugs and ‘I love yous’. This classroom is a true show of love, compassion, and dedication. 

Fourth grade’s Ms. Collins, Ms. Mann, Ms. Neel, and Ms. White. Now, these are the ladies that provide that transition into middle school.  Oh what a task! I wish everyone could see how they provide these students with the love and care they need but yet still prepare them for the next step in their education. The high level of care they give to each situation, whether it be educational or social, is second to none. 

The office staff, I cannot say enough about. Nurse D, Ms. Roberts, Ms. Rachel, Ms. Caitlin, and Ms. Cecilia. Each possesses the true nature of multi-tasking. The schedules they pull off every day amaze me. Ms. Roberts with her Guidance classes every week, Nurse D. taking great care of the health of each child, and Ms. Rachel juggling all the various aspects of the office. Ms. Caitlin and Ms. Smith taking care of all of us and everyone in their buildings. It is an amazing sight to behold! I am so thankful for their expertise each day!

In conclusion, I want to thank each parent for allowing us to be a part of your lives and to work with you as we focus on our students. We appreciate being a team with you and look forward to a great rest of the school year! I am very grateful for the team we have become!

Best regards,

Lana Hughes (Ms. H.)

Bismarck Elementary Principal


Bismarck Elementary School

2020 Virtual Open House


Mrs. Kissire – Superintendent –

Mrs. Hughes - Principal - 

1st Grade Teachers –

     Mrs. Falco, Mrs. Ledbetter, Mrs. Nelson, and Mrs. Corley

2nd Grade Teachers - 

    Mrs. Clement, Mrs. Amanda and Mrs. Norris

3rd Grade Teachers - 

    Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Allsup and Mrs. Cooper

4th Grade Teachers - 

    Mrs. White, Mrs. Collins, Mrs. Mann and Mrs. Neel

Special Education Teachers - 

    Mrs. Cusher, Mrs. Brown and Ms. Hall

Coach Smith - PE  

Mrs. Thornton - Art

We’re honored to be named an #ESEADistinguishedSchool for 2019! Congratulations to our students, teachers, staff, & parents for earning this recognition.

ESEA Distinguished School badge



Celebrating Success at Bismarck Elementary School

State Rankings from our State Assessment May 2019

Thank you teachers, students & parents. 

There are 487 Elementary Schools in the state.

READING 3rd Grade

TOP 5% of schools in the state

MATH 3rd Grade

TOP 3% of schools in the state

SCIENCE 3rd Grade

TOP 10% of schools in the state

ENGLISH 3rd Grade

TOP 5% of schools in the state

READING 4th Grade

TOP 10% of schools in the state

MATH 4th Grade

TOP 1% of schools in the state

SCIENCE 4th Grade

TOP 9% of schools in the state

ENGLISH 4th Grade

TOP 5% of schools in the state

Contact Information

Bismarck School District
11636 Hwy 84
Bismarck, Arkansas 71929

District Office Hours

 Monday - Friday

7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Phone: 501-865-4888

BES Mission Statement

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BES Mission Statement

Statement of Purpose

To provide a safe and engaging learning environment with challenging and high expectations. To enrich the social, physical, emotional and academic well-being of each student.

Statement of Strategy

Developmentally appropriate and engaging instruction that allows for individual difference in learning strategies.

Statement of Value

We believe that all children are capable of learning and through the achievement of the students the entire community benefits as well. 

Notification Center

E-Note Notification Center

Encore Information

Encore Schedules for Art, Library, Music, Physical Activity, and Technology will be at the following times:

Kindergarten – 11:30

First Grade – 12:30

Second Grade - 10:10

Third Grade - 2:20

Fourth Grade - 1:25

Please call the office for further information.

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Parent Survey

As part of a coordinated response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) in partnership with the Office for Education Policy (OEP) at the University of Arkansas has developed this Parent/Guardian Survey for soliciting family input on what is working now and what may be considered for the future. Thank you for your help.

No Cost Meals to Students!

No Cost Meals to Students!

The (USDA) has announced the extension of meals served at no cost to students through December 31, 2020.  The purpose of the extension is to assure that children have access to nutritious meals while the nation recovers from COVID-19.   During the pandemic, USDA has continued to provide flexibilities for the purpose of assisting families and assuring that children are fed whether they attend school in a classroom environment or as virtual students.

It is the intent of USDA, and the ADE, DESE, Child Nutrition Unit (CNU) to assure that Arkansas children have access to the meals they need while maintaining the integrity of the Child Nutrition Programs. 

Although students will receive meals at no charge through December 31, 2020, it is imperative that parents continue to work with our school district in completing and submitting free and reduced meal applications.  State and federal funds received by each district are determined by the free and reduced percentages collectively from meal applications.  Families who have not completed a meal applications are strongly encouraged to do so.

Thank you and we continue to look forward to a great year!

Susan Kissire



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