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Theresa Johnson

         4th Grade 

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Bismarck Elementary is embarking on a new English Language Arts program. Journeys is a research-based, comprehensive program and is backed by proven-results. The standards are rigorous, so students are expected to achieve at higher levels. 

Writing and Grammar

Students are working diligently on the writing process. Students’ writing will be assessed using a Writing Traits Scoring Rubric. At this point in our writing, students should be able to identify complete sentences, simple and complete subjects and predicates, how to use complete sentences in writing and speaking, and finally, students need to demonstrate their ability to use correct capitalization.


Short u

bunch              crew          truth           trunk         rude           stuck

fruit                 tune          young           suit           trust          rescue 

argue               juice          clue             amuse        dew           brush

crumb             refuse



Our class has completed our erosion and weathering study.

Students conducted a short research project on hurricanes. Students learned how hurricanes can cause erosion to the Earth's surface through catastrophic flooding. They were encouraged to use three resources during their investigation of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Maria. Students searched current information in The Sentinel Record newspaper, on the Internet, and from our classroom book, Howling Hurricanes. Finally, students compiled their data from the hurricane research to create their own newspaper articles.  





Theresa Johnson

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