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Karen Turner

Spanish, oral communication, and drama teacher

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About Me

Educational History:

Attended Ouachita Schools and graduated from there in 1975

Attended Henderson State University and graduated from there in 1979

Degrees and Certifications:

I have a BSE in English, a minor in Spanish, minor in speech/drama.

Current Position:

I began at Bismarck High School in 1988, teaching 8th grade English, Spanish 1, and Spanish 2. The previous two years were spent teaching the same subjects at Sparkman High School. Currently I teach Spanish 1, oral communication, and drama.

Previous Position:

After graduation in 1979, I worked for Walmart, lived for a while in Pasadena, Texas, then moved back and went to work in a florist.  I had decided I would not teach since I had been out for several years.  However, I was arranging flowers for minimum wage with a college degree, so I decided to give teaching a try.  I returned to school to be able to teach Spanish. Schools in Arkansas had to offer foreign language in the late 80's, so it seemed the smart thing to do. From 1986-1988 I taught English and Spanish at Sparkman High School. From 1989-present, I have been at BHS.

Family Information:

I was married for 20 years, but we divorced in 1999.  I live in Caney and attend Caney Missionary
Baptist Church. I have four daughters, all of which graduated from Bismarck;  Lyndsey in 2000, Sloane in 2006, Mallory in 2011, and Sydney in 2012.  Lyndsey attended Henderson State University, Sloane and Mallory have degrees from there, and Sydney is on schedule to graduate in a year!

Personal Information:

I enjoy two granddaughters and two grandsons!  They keep me busy.  I also enjoy playing piano and singing with a group from church, the Caney Crew.  It consists of Leah Beckwith,my sister; Paul Sanders and Kristin Smith, two cousins; and good friend Jimmy Rogers.

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