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Leah Beckwith
Beckwith, Leah
Science Teacher
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Beth Belew
Belew, Beth
English Teacher
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Melissa Black
Black, Melissa
Math Teacher
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Cindy Bubulka
Bubulka, Cindy
Media Specialist
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Tracie CanslerCansler, Tracie
Lisa ChoteChote, Lisa
English Teacher
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Lee CollumCollum, Lee
Michael Copeland
Copeland, Michael
Sr. High Band Director
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John Crangle
Crangle, John
Agriculture Teacher
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Ellen Draper
Draper, Ellen
ALE Paraprofessional
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Jared FiskFisk, Jared
Alison FowlerFowler, Alison
Special Education Teacher
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Allyson FreemanFreeman, Allyson
Physical Science Teacher
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Patti GaitherGaither, Patti
Business Education Teacher
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Jeremy GarrettGarrett, Jeremy
Art Teacher
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Lisa GibsonGibson, Lisa
Family & Consumer Science Teacher
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Mark HambyHamby, Mark
Durenda Hardage
Hardage, Durenda
Math Teacher
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Anna HenryHenry, Anna
ALE Teacher
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Whitney IvyIvy, Whitney
English Teacher
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Louise KeithleyKeithley, Louise
English Teacher
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Daniel KeithleyKeithley, Daniel
Head Football Coach
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Byron LeeLee, Byron
Coach/Driver's Education
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Larry Newsom
Newsom, Larry
High School Principal
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Hannah OdenOden, Hannah
Math Teacher
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Chris Oestreich
Oestreich, Chris
EAST Facilitator / Head Girls Basketball Coach
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Jeremy Smith
Smith, Jeremy
Science Teacher
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LaTavia Tart
Tart, LaTavia
Administrative Assistant
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Karen  Turner
Turner, Karen
Spanish, oral communication, and drama teacher
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Sherry VaughnVaughn, Sherry
Chris WilliamsWilliams, Chris
History Teacher / Coach
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Kim Willis
Willis, Kim
High School Nurse
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Jane Wilson
Wilson, Jane
View WebsiteJane Wilson Twitter Account
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